Take Our Kids to Work!

October 11 2018
We're taking our GRADE 9 kids to work on Wednesday, November 14th!



We are excited to yet again take part in the annual Take Our Kids to Work Day event, a program created in 1994 by The Learning Partnership, a Canadian charity that prepares students to thrive in a diverse, connected and changing world.

On Wednesday, November 14, we hope to see all parents, guardians and friends of Exhibition Place employees that have a student in grade nine take part in this fantastic and beneficial initiative.  

Why participate in Take Our Kids to Work Day? By taking part in this event, it will: 

  • enhance engagement among parents and guardians in their child’s education;
  • give parents and guardians the opportunity to showcase to their children what they do for a living;
  • provide parents and guardians the opportunity to participate in a shared experience with their child.


Fun Fact!


Additionally, this gives students the opportunity to spend the day in the life of a working professional. It gives parents and guardians the opportunity to have conversations with their children about their education, career goals and explore future career pathways.

We look forward to having all of these students at the grounds. Students will no doubt take away some valuable lessons which will help them to discover a meaningful path and we are happy to play our part in that experience. 

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